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Exeter Fund Managers
I worked for Exeter Fund Managers until their take over by New Star Asset management. I designed the Monthly 'The Exeter Effect 8 page newsletter, booklets up to 36 pages long explaining funds and complete client packs which would include numerous key feature booklets, forms, envelopes and folders, as well as promotional mailers.


Clients, old and new, include:

Tim Andrews

Big Wheels Services

Bishopstock Blues Festival

The Contemporary Crafts Fair

Contour Exhibitions

Devon Artist Network

Devon Community Housing Society

The Devon County Show

The Devon Guild

Dipford Group

European Union Chamber Orchestra

Exeter City Council

Exeter and Devon Arts Centre

Exeter Fund Managers


Harbourtown Records

The Honiton Festival

Holiday on Ice

Kagemusha Taiko

Kings Business Transfer

National Trust

Northcott Theatre

The Pine Trading Company

Redwoods Dowling Kerr

Singing Sous Chefs

Spacex Gallery

Taste of the West

Theatre Alibi

Turning Point Theatre Company

Karen Tweed

Vacublast International

Chris Wood

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