Joe Pieczenko

  "Thanks for the image it's fab."
Thank you it really does look great!
Rachel Hartland, Northcott Theatre
There's a lot of gloss in this business but ultimately a brochure is a brochure, a leaflet is a leaflet – one thing for certain is that I won’t be charging you agency rates.

I can quote you by the hour, by the job or any way that suits you. I won't offer you an all in price with design and print – a great way to hide costs. I won't offer you a fixed contract – the oldest trick in the book – tie you in and then dump you with the office junior. I will always help you find the right printer for the job, find the best prices and see the job right the way through to the final product. It's all part of the service

The service I provide is honest, straightforward, fair. All you pay for is just me and my time. Contact me and we can discuss it.


"I can cheerfully (for it is always a joy to work with him) and wholeheartedly recommend the services of Joe Pieczenko when it comes to graphic design. Having used his services for a decade, there is not one occasion that I can remember that the job required has not been delivered more than satisfactorily, on time and within our budget. It goes without saying that Joe's personal attention to the job in hand is worth it's weight in gold."

Andy Sinclair
Press & PR Manager
Exeter Northcott Theatre
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