Joe Pieczenko

  "Working with Joe is always a pleasure. All the work he does is done with a minimum of fuss and yet he provides beautiful results to often very complex requests.
Director, The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

I think that I offer something very unique. A complete hands on involvement from start to finish - and that goes for every job! What you like, what your aims are and most importantly what you don't want, will be paramount. There are no middle men and no middle ground. Simply client and designer coming together to achieve a highly successful end result. It is a bespoke service rather than the production line, manufactured approach you may experience when using an agency.

What I do is a craft. After many years of learning what will work and what won't I have an invaluable bank of knowledge. However, I also believe it is crucial to be aware of current trends in design and by accessing current Graphic literature, visiting exhibitions etc I make sure I am open to new exciting ideas and trends in the profession.

It is critical to build up a relationship with my client and build on past work to really get to the hub of what ultimately does the selling. That gets you, the client what you really want from the job .

None of it is about the style or the look of the finished job. That might sound surprising, but it's not. The finished job will look the way it does because it ticks all the boxes. It is ‘fit for the purpose’. What it looks like is a result of understanding the initial needs of the client. Much design can seem like gloss and is frivolous. It looks great but it doesn’t communicate anything. It falls well short of it’s purpose. That's where the craft comes in.




















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