Joe Pieczenko

  "Looks fantastic."
Graham Staplehurst, Big Wheels

I design for print. I design everything from the smallest labels to huge banners. leaflets, posters, flyers, booklets, press ads, vehicle liveries, CD packages, brochures, stationery and logos.

Who do I design for? I have all kinds of clients. From retail to the arts this diversity challenges and inspires me. I think that it also helps to keep the work fresh. I like to have a broad spread of clients as it keeps me on my toes.

Many of my clients are people I have worked with for the last ten years or more. It is a privilege to have been trusted with their business for so long.


'Joe Pieczenko is one of the finest artist/designers I have ever had the delight of working with. He manages to understand fully the vision I have at the start of a design project and his eclectic creative flair superbly compliments his understanding of technical, time and financial constraints. His work is consistently outstanding and innovative. Why use anyone else?'
Karen Tweed


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